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Space Holder

Activate your truth in 1:1 sacred space, in person or online with Brandee Walton

  • 1 h
  • From 50 US dollars
  • Eleven11 - A Whole Health Studio

Service Description

Retreating into silence when we are uncertain... What if that lump in the throat was THE moment...the moment we have been waiting for..the moment your soul signaled to you that it was time… A lump that made us so uncomfortable, so painfully vulnerable, felt so scary, so raw – that if released into words would allow us to grow beyond our limited story, our trauma, our wildest dreams… But we chose to retreat to silence..fearful that whomever was about to hear our truth would judge us, misunderstand us or worse, no longer love and accept us. Or maybe there's the fear that our emotions would be too much for our own self to bear if we fully went there... Is our silence causing us to remain on the wheel of suffering?  Is the harm to our Self greater than the outcome we are imagining if we allow the words to fly free?  Do we have control over what has already happened?  Maybe there is liberation in the release so that we may FULLY participate in the gifts we are being offered right now.  Change begins with choice - free will - choosing to unlearn and unpack - and we do this by listening to and utilizing our voice. I’m here to hold space for you. Holding space is a gift I have fully embodied - I have been told that my way of embracing your truth and creating a safe space for vulnerability, open conversation & growth is “Life changing.”  I provide a space so that you may empower your Self and remove the lump from your throat, practice difficult conversations, release your stuck trauma, process any thoughts and/or emotions, step away from your repeated storylines and step forward into the you you know to be true.  No judgement, no unrequested guidance, no rules,…the words don’t have to make sense…they just need to start to flow so that you may begin to unwind constricted thought processes, gain clarity, and begin remembering who you are beyond the story. Accepting and allowing yourself to be fully you. If you feel called to speak your truth in a 1:1 sacred space, in person or online - I am now openly booking Space Holder.  I have been there, with lumps of my own, with dysfunctional inner dialogue, with fear of abandonment if I spoke out loud.  I have proven practices that I have used personally to transmute thought and liberate the voice and I have safe, trusted resources to connect you with, should you choose to take your work deeper now that you have cleared your throat. Let go and liberate your soul!  Allow me to hold space for you.

Contact Details

  • 11 West Walworth Street, Elkhorn, WI, USA

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