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Evil Bone Water is an external use analgesic that promotes good circulation, helps ease pain, decrease inflammation, and strengthen connective tissues. As the name suggests, it helps assist in the healing of bones and can shorten the recovery time of fractures, sprains, strains, insect bites, and bruises.


Evil Bone Water is great to have on hand for any sports enthusiast, seniors that bruise easily or individuals looking for pain relief due to Evil Bone Waters rapid, deep penetrating and healing properties instantly provide relief for muscle pain and chronic bone conditions such as carpal tunnel and arthritis. Evil Bone Water also works great for those who bruise easy by increasing circulation.

Evil Bone Water

  • Evil Bone water contains 10 powerful Empirical Chinese medicinal herbs:

    • San Qi: stops bleeding, reduces swelling, relieves pain
    • Gui Pi: releases the muscles, promotes circulation
    • E Zhu: promotes the circulation of qi and blood
    • Bai Zhu: decreases swelling, alleviates pain
    • Hu Zhang: invigorates blood and stops pain
    • Bai Nui Dan: reduces joint pain
    • Qin Jin Ba: strengthens connective tissue, decreases inflammation
    • Huang Qin: decreases inflammation, reduces swelling
    • Zhang Nao: topical analgesic
    • Bo He Nao: topical analgesic
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