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Mind Your Business....

An invite to embrace these last days of winter and make way for your passions to bloom.

(a timeless guide for sustainable, balanced action and rest within your passion projects)

Hey there, friends!

As an INterior Design coach, I support and guide others as they build their business around their passion and tap into their inner entrepreneur. I know that many of you are doing the work, both inner work and working on your passion projects, but I also know that it can be tough to stay motivated during these last days of winter.

But here's the thing: spring is just around the corner! And with it comes a renewed energy and enthusiasm for life. People begin to come out of hibernation mode, the world starts to feel alive again, and there's a sense of possibility in the air. This is the time to solidify your roots, your foundations.

So if you've been feeling a little sluggish or unmotivated lately, I encourage you to go a little deeper and remember your why over these last days of winter. Take advantage of this time to participate a bit more in your business, to connect with your audience, and to lay the groundwork for an amazing spring season. Create time to commit to your practices. Show up for yourself so you can show up for your dreams when they come to fruition!

Ready for some tips in the world of motivation activation? Give these practices a try:

Practice yoga asana: Regular yoga practice can help you build physical and mental strength, which can translate to greater resilience and focus in your business endeavors. Incorporating yoga into your daily routine can help you approach your work with a sense of calm and clarity, and may even help you come up with creative solutions to problems.

Breathe mindfully: Mindful breathing techniques can help you manage stress and anxiety, which are common experiences in the world of business. When you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck, taking a few deep breaths can help you reset and approach the situation with a clear mind.

Cultivate a positive mindset: A positive mindset is critical for success in passion forward businesses. By cultivating gratitude, affirmations, and positive self-talk, you can train your mind to focus on opportunities rather than obstacles. This can help you stay motivated and resilient even in the face of challenges.

Get enough sleep: Adequate rest is essential for creativity, productivity and sustainability. When you're well-rested, you'll have more energy and focus to bring those big ideas to fruition, meet goals, make important decisions, connect with clients, customers and even have time for family and friends.

Connect with nature: Spending time in nature can help you find inspiration, reduce stress, and gain perspective on those important goals. Whether it's taking a walk during a break or planning a team outing to a local park, incorporating nature into your routine can help you stay motivated and engaged.

Remember, hustle culture is over, but a little bit of intentional, focused participation and consistency now will pay off in abundant ways later. So let's make the most of these last days of winter, and get ready for a season of growth and success!

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