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Gather in Sedona

Meet your hosts and learn more about the offerings

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and transformation?


If so, we invite you to join us for our upcoming gathering in the mystical land of Sedona, Arizona!

If there is one thing we believe in, it is the power of personal exploration and growth. Our Sedona gathering promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience where you have the freedom to create your own adventure and shape your own transformative path.

We promise you, we are going to bring it!


With the breathtaking red rocks as our backdrop and the energy of Sedona surrounding us, this gathering will be a haven for exploration, connection, inspiration and transformation. Whether you're drawn to meditation, hiking, yoga, movement, creative expression, or soulful discussions, there will be something for everyone to dive into and discover their own inner magic.

Our mantra for this Sedona gathering says it all: "Good things are going to happen." And we wholeheartedly believe it.

When you open yourself up to the possibilities, incredible things can unfold.


To honor your commitment and ours, we do require a deposit of $200 to secure your spot. BUT WAIT...we will be providing a $100 credit at time of purchase when you select your daily events/offerings!


Here's how this gathering works:


• You submit your deposit and secure your spot (deposits due July 20)

• You book your flight and lodging in Sedona

(You get to choose all of your travel arrangements and where you'd like to stay in Sedona - tip: day one check in is scheduled for 2pm, opening ceremony at 4pm)

• We will share the final daily itinerary months before departure with those that have submitted their deposits.

• Once you have the daily "menu" in your inbox you will create your experience

(There will be a due date for selections so that we may make all the necessary arrangements).


So, are you ready to say YES to adventure, to growth, and to the magic of Sedona?

We can't wait to welcome you with open arms and excited hearts.



To secure your spot be sure you get your deposit in and include your email. We'll invite you to our What's App group for getting to know each other prior to gathering and keeping in touch/informed during our time in Sedona.


Tentative Schedule & Pricing: (exact times may change slightly-a few more offerings may be added) (times may fluctuate slightly as we flow through our days-we will all keep in touch through What's App)

*Thursday - Registration begins at 2pm & Opening Ceremony at 4pm (we will adjust if needed once we know the majority of flight arrivals)



Sunrise hike/meditation Airport Mesa Vortex (1 hr) - 6:00am - $20 - "Embrace the Fire Within"

Yoga at Ariport Mesa (45 min) - 7:00am- $20

Back to rooms to change (30 min) 8am

Breakfast Break (1 hr) 8:30

*Boynton Canyon Hike & Sound Journey (3-4 hrs) 10:15am meet at trailhead (J&B) - $40 - "auralMedicine - Intimate Communion"

Break & dinner (until evening - 1:1s available) 1:30ish

Yoga Nidra 7pm (J or B) - $20

*Creative Expression & connection 8:30pm - $30



Morning Yoga start time TBD $20 (sunrise 6:10)

Breakfast 8:30-9:30

Stupah visit (medicine wheel, prayer drums, placing collective prayers) & ceremony - meet at trailhead at 10/10:15am - $30

Afternoon break & 1:1s - 2pm-4pm OR Creative writing/journaling (location TBD) $20 writing session

Change clothes, light dinner and head to dance space 4pm

*Ecstatic Dance/Movement/Cacao/Sound Bowls - 5:30pm for sunset - $30 "Dance our Prayers"

*Creative Expression & connection - immediately after (Amanda lead convo but all of us) - $30


Sunday - Sunrise Hike/Meditation Sugarloaf 6am - $20 - "Embodying Wholeness"

Breakfast 7:30

*Closing Ceremony 9am



(*) items are required for all to join to create a connected space throughout the gathering.

total price will change if other offerings are added before July 20.

1:1 session descriptions will be announced soon (pricing will be separate from offerings and deposit credit)


Here's to the journey ahead, filled with endless possibilities and the promise of good things to come!

Deeper descriptions of offerings (more will be added as we put them in word form):


auralMedicine Sound Journey

"Intimate Communion"


Enveloped in the enchanting embrace of Boynton Canyon (hike), experience an extraordinary outdoor event where the potency of the electromagnetic energy amplifies the healing power of sound.  The energies of Boynton Canyon are a harmonious dance between masculine and feminine so this Sound Experience will serve as conduit in activating our Soul’s yes and our most intimate and expansive vision of our heartfelt desires.

Immerse yourself in a 60-minute journey unlike any other, blending solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones, crystal bowls, gong, tabla, and other vibrational medicine techniques. 

Guided by breathwork, this immersive sound bath begins with a gentle meditation, inviting you to harmonize your soul’s yes with your body’s natural vibrancy.


Conscious Movement

"Dance Our Prayers"- Ecstatic Dance


Join us amidst the mystical red rocks, where the earth's energy pulses beneath our feet and the sky stretches into infinity for an unforgettable Ecstatic Dance experience with LoveAmplified.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues as you dance under the canopy of the desert sky and feel the rhythm echoing through the canyon walls. 

Let go of inhibitions and move with wild abandon, knowing you are held by the ancient wisdom of this sacred land.  

Whether you are a seasoned dancer or exploring movement for the first time, this event invites you to rediscover the joy of being alive. 

Let’s dance our prayers together!


Sunrise Hike/Meditations

Airport Mesa Vortex - "Embrace the Fire Within"

As the first rays of dawn paint the sky in hues of gold and crimson, we will gather to harness the energy of the Airport Mesa Vortex, renowned for its profound effects on personal power and self-confidence. This vortex is known for its ability to elevate consciousness, offering participants a higher perspective and a profound sense of oneness with the universe.

We will journey inward and connect with the elemental energy of fire to awaken our inner flame, cultivate a deep sense of empowerment and clarity, embracing the fire within you.

Sugarloaf Mountain - "Embodying Wholeness"

As the sun rises above the horizon, casting its prismatic light over the red rocks and valleys below, we gather at one of the most underrated locations in Sedona - Sugarloaf Mountain. 

Open the day with a deep sense of unity and harmony, this location invites participants to embrace a holistic perspective and find acceptance within and throughout.

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Brandee Walton

Step into the loving embrace of a soul-full guide who radiates endless warmth, safety, and expertise. Certified in Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Breath Work and Sound Healing, her presence is a sanctuary of healing and transformation. Serving as a Sacred Space Holder, she stewards one through the next phases of self-evolution. Having studied in the enchanting realms of embodied movement arts and dance, Brandee empowers your spirit to soar.


The founder of The Walton Way, she creates a haven that nurtures mind, body, and soul. This haven includes Eleven11-A Whole Health Studio, Elite Retreats, and the heartwarming non-profit, Lot of Love, Inc., which passionately supports unpaid family caregivers.


Beyond the tangible, Brandee walks alongside others during life's most sacred moments, gracing the role of an End of Life Doula. Her compassionate guidance brings solace and peace to those in transition. A Moon Ceremony and Sacred Ritual guide, she weaves celestial magic, connecting souls to the rhythms of the universe.


Her heart spills onto the pages as a writer and poet, infusing words with emotions that touch the depths of your soul with a mission to inspire vulnerable truth sharing and the understanding of the essence of pure love. A true community builder and connector, she fosters an inclusive and supportive environment where bonds are forged, and dreams take flight. Her healing touch extends beyond the physical, for she is a healer in every sense.


As a public speaker, her voice resonates with wisdom and authenticity, inspiring all who listen. In her presence, you'll feel an unmistakable connection, an irresistible pull to share and learn together. It’s time to embrace this extraordinary journey with Brandee, where love, safety, and wisdom intertwine, and life takes on new hues of enchantment and possibility.

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John Stuart

Author, Embodied Integration, Vibrational Medicine, Integrative Wellness, Conscious Evolution, 

Sound Alchemist, DJ, Poet, Nada Yoga, 

Sacred Partnership, Spiritual Intimacy.

mind.body.spirit. sound. 


John has facilitated life transformations for over 20 years through leading clients to a clear and gentle understanding of their inner-truth; untangling the energetic and subconscious constriction within the mind and body at a core level, loosening the intensity of belief patterns that no longer serve us and providing an opening for us to remember and return to our natural vibrancy.   


He is a published author, speaker, facilitator of self-discovery, musician and practitioner in the field of Integrative Wellness and Vibrational Therapy.  


In addition, John is an accomplished DJ and sound alchemist and managing partner for renowned record label, Chillin Music.

Musically, his dynamic style appeals to globally diverse audiences at a core level & invites you to partake with him on an intimate, alchemical journey through sound.  His brand of mind-expanding, body-grooving & soul-soothing soundscapes amplifies the spirit of personal expression, oneness, freedom & love.  


John’s DJ sets, writings, workshops, embodied integration sessions & talks have been featured throughout the US & abroad.  


Restore your natural vibrancy and experience the vibe of LoveAmplified!

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