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The YOUniverse

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The YOUniverse - a space where anything is possible as we co-create, collaborate, vibrate and investigate

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Integrative Wellness

In our transformative 2 hour sessions, we dial into whole health solutions with a focus on aligning our biological, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies. This is a synergistic approach to healing that transforms at a core level. We address the full spectrum of overall well-being by scanning for bioenergetic imbalances and unwinding repetitive thought patterns and behaviors restoring natural vibrancy and harmony within and throughout.

Call to schedule your session - 262.725.1122

Interior Design

This one-on-one, six week expansion course is designed to create an exterior experience that matches your interior wisdom. Are you ready to design your life?  

Call to schedule your session - 262.725.1122

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a multi-sensory healing space for all!

Did you know...

Eleven11 gives back in support of self-care for unpaid family caregivers in Walworth County to Lot of Love, Inc. 

Lot of Love, Inc. empowers unpaid family caregivers of all ages to embody compassionate self-care by facilitating a trusted & safe online and in person space for peer connection, self-care education, practices, resources, events, classes, and a Lot of Love!

This treatment room is being completely funded by donations made to Lot of Love!  We have provided the real estate and have made a promise to donate a percentage of every general public session sold to Lot of Love, Inc.  Full Circle! 

Join us in supporting, donating and sharing the LOVE - visit or stop in and see us  (and the progress on this treatment room built by the power of love)

Amplify Your Love Sound Studio


An intimate recording studio and isobooth to bring your creative expression to life. Our studio is the perfect space for high quality vocal recording, overdubs, mixing, audio/instrument track recording, songwriting, song development or… simply an inviting studio to sing, play, record and let your soul dance. We welcome you to Amplify Your Love.


Please inquire for studio rental, classes and coaching.


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Are you a wellness practitioner that is deeply passionate about being of service to a more harmonious and sustainable co-existence within and throughout?  If so, we would love to connect with you!  

One of our mottos at Eleven11 is #BetterTogether.   It’s a WE thing.  Collaborative and synergistic.   As it’s said, it takes a village…  we look forward to connecting!

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