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Our Studio  - Class Descriptions

The Garden

The Garden - a space where seeds are planted and the space is created for you to grow and bloom

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The 360five Sound Experience is an immersive, hybrid sound journey through a live instrumentation and DJ set.


Following a guided meditation and interactive share;  we allow the sound to loosen and unwind constricted thought patterns, physical strain and stored trauma.


The 360five Sound Experience integrates full spectrum healing and restores harmony within and throughout - Mind. Body. Spirit. Sound.

Yoga Nidra is a systematic practice utilizing the rotation of awareness through our body inducing complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation.


In our hour long practice of Yoga Nidra, we are invited to speak our Sankalpa - a resolve/intention we create in the form of a short statement that plants the seed we wish to sow in our daily lives. The intent of Sankalpa is to influence and transform our patterns mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically at the subtle energetic level.

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Yoga for All

Discover the wisdom of your body and activate your emotional & cognitive intelligence through the alchemy of sound, therapeutic movement and meditation. From beginners to the most experienced; students will notice profound, and subtle, harmonizing influences in overall well-being through traditional yogic practices of cleansing, breath work, movement and meditation. When we are transformed within; our world is transformed throughout.

Ecstatic Dance

Phones, shoes and egos are checked at the door and our spirit is set free on the dance floor!

Many people don’t dance outside of a nightclub or without being under the influence – this is where Eleven11 shakes things up a bit.

Eleven11 Hosts hold a safe and sacred space to loosen, release control and let the music move you in a freeform expression of ecstatic bliss.


And… the music begins! Evolving from ambient soundscapes into high energy dance rhythms – clapping, stomping, primal movements, flowing, whistling, smiling, energy rising – the music takes over and the endorphins rush, sweat beads and we disengage from our mind and move through our heart! Ahhh yes!


After the peak, we begin to descend into a restorative meditation integrating the joy, celebration and ecstasy of the experience. Renewed and revitalized.

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Tune in with the garden of your soul and integrate the proven benefits that meditation has to offer in a 1 hour guided practice and discussion.



Mantra Meditation

Begin your week with the power of a mantra.  A mantra — a word or phrase you repeat during meditation as a tool to help release your mind, boost awareness, improve your focus and empower your Self.  In this 45 minute entrance into your week, we will place our intentions for the week, anchor them in meditation- amplifying and attracting, creating an environment both inside and out for expansion, alignment and abundance.


EDEN a night in The Garden

Expand our mind. Express our body. Exhale our spirit. Experience the sound. A monthly gathering of connection, community and the celebration of life. Come early for an extended sound meditation to release and unwind; stay late to anchor and activate on a journey through the soundtrack of our soul.

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Moon Ceremony

What are you ready to heal and release? What is no longer serving you? What are you ready to call in as yours? Be supported on your journey in a potent, safe and sacred space.


Each ceremony will provide a meditation, simple yet powerful practices that align with the current moon, and an open invitation to connect our souls to our divine purpose and expand in LOVE.

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